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If you've come here looking only for astrological advice, you've only expected a fraction. Not only would you meet an astrologer par excellence, but also a friend, a philosopher and a guide. My experience ranges from having sought consultation on astrological aspects of what I felt important in my life, to having learnt more about the subtle art of how to live a happier, more content life. Mr. Trehan isn't the usual you'd expect from the stereotypical astrologer, we've all come across. An extremely graceful, well kept gentleman, with the command on his language, and authority on his science, like I've never seen before. His first impression manages to not only allay all apprehensions about speaking up to a stranger, but also gets you a reason to believe that you'd be made available quality advice on issues close to your heart. Also his finesse in his science makes him capable of predicting your past, present and future to the accuracy of a few minutes. The sort of expertise is rare to be seen.

Mr. Hemant Kumar

( Advocate : Supreme Court & Delhi High Court )

Mrs. Kajal

We have been to many places but always felt something was missing. On meeting Sanjay Ji we felt all out questions were answered completely. Now we don't have to go anywhere else.

In last more than 15 years I have been consulting many astrologers but was never comfortable talking about my problems with them. With Sanjay Ji there was never a hitch. He totally puts me at ease.

Mr. Tarun

Mrs. Prachi

When you come to consult an astrologer you have many questions on your mind about your future and many problems. Sanjay Ji puts them all to rest.

I have been struck with Sanjay Ji's knowledge and deep understanding of human problems. He has certainly guided me in my problems.

Mr. Sanddeep

Mrs. Anuradha

I was a student at loss of what line to take up after my 12th. Sanjay Ji guided me well and now I am a civil engineer and have joined my father's firm.

Sanjay Ji has always been available in the time of our need and has been very helpful with his solutions and guidance. We are happy to have met him.

Mr. Ravi Kumar