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About Ssanjay Ji

Discover top astrologer Mr. SSanjay for specialized problem solutions. Explore the best astrologer with unique expertise tailored to address your concerns.

With over 20 years of study, practice and research Ssanjay Ji developed a strong belief that destiny cannot be same for any two individuals. When he dived deeper into the science of planetary systems and their affects on each individuals he understood that Astrology is not mere dogmas or blind faith, it’s a higher science that the scientist( saints and sages) of earlier ages understood better. Each individual carries their unique vibratory connection with the planetary system resulting into what we call ‘Destiny’. As each and every individual has a unique destiny and so is same with the events and occurrences. Each and every event has a specific time of occurrence. Over the period of 20 years of rigorous study and practice Ssanjay ji has developed expertise in giving precise predictions up to the hour of occurrence.

Lots of people lose faith believing that its all destiny but according to Ssanjay Ji’s belief destiny can always be changed with the right formula and action. Each action makes Karma and if done with right intention can also help you rid of previous Karma. Many people have found a comforting support in the remedies recommended by Ssanjay ji and also developed trust in him with his predictions coming true one after the other. Which started as a subject of interest for him has become his full time job of helping people out in their respective lives and maintain confidence throughout.